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It was good enough to keep me reading, but unlike Mezrich’s other more famous book (Bringing Down the

House), Rigged wasn’t nearly as exciting and didn’t have quite the same effect of surprising you when you realized it was a true story. That being said, it was ok, but worth the read if you are looking for something easy.

The story follows a young recent MBA graduate who stumbles into what is probably the most financially rewarding industry in the country – trading energy futures.  He has to deal with all of the people standing in his way and prove himself as not just a stuck up Harvard boy.  He quickly gains the respect of his peers and his superiors which allows him to undertake an unlikely business venture in the Middle East only about a year after 9/11.

I would say give it a shot if you are looking for something light – although in my mind, it is definitely a better book to get from the library than to spend your book budget on.



rigged-by-ben-mezrichDavid Russo, of the NYMEX, was a major force in developing a mercantile exchange in the fast-growing Dubai.  “Rigged” is the story of the trials encountered throughout the development.

“Rigged” by Ben Mezrich proved to be a good follow up to “Bringing Down the House” (a.k.a. 21).  Mezrich tells the stories of fairly obscure people and incidences in a way that is compelling and makes it hard to wait to get to the end.  I am always curious about the people involved and how some of these things happened without ever hearing about it previously in the news.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the developments in Dubai as well as those who enjoyed “Bringing Down the House.”